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Perspective Can Give Truth A New Meaning

Reality Is Distorted

Everyone has a view of reality based on their life experiences, and the limited amount of information that they are given. Because of this, truth can be subjective in almost all circumstances. Why do you think in many books, instead of the story being 100% from one person's point of view, or perspective, you will hear multiple voices, or different chapters in different people's perspectives.

As I have been writing the many versions of my book, based on the reality of my past, I have spoken with many people who have had different perspectives on the situation. My mother, sisters, friends and family. I was lucky enough to speak with someone this weekend who I hadn't spoken to in over 30 years who was effected heavily by what had happened with my father. Though his reality had blurred lines that were in some ways linear to mine, in other ways they were very different. Only after speaking to each other and hearing stories the other person had from our pasts, was I able to see different versions of reality from his perspective. This reminded me that we are all connected and we also all experience things very differently.

Different Perspectives Can Make New Realities

When we are open to seeing other people's perspectives, we will find that our truth can expand. While I do not dare to say that I am the expert on truth and reality, I believe that if we all would listen to each other we may gain insight into why people act the way they do, respond to situations the way they do, and believe what they do.

When you go through a trauma, you are never the sole person who it effects. For example, If you are a person who has been sexually assaulted, for instance, the effects on those around you can be devastating. Additionally, the way you react and respond to a given situation will be altered by the trauma you experienced. Of course there is help, you can recover from what occurred, but we all have different scars that cause us to function in our daily life a certain way.

Don't Judge What You Don't Understand

It is easy to look at a group of people, or even someone you don't know very well and judge their actions. However when you stop and take time to get to know people and what they have gone through, it becomes much more difficult to judge them. They may have had abuse as a child, or come from a war torn country, lived in an impoverished area where they had to steal to survive, or join a gang because they didn't have anyone to protect them. The truth is that judging someone is only a reflection on you, not them, and you are only hurting yourself and bringing hate into the world when what we need is more love, compassion, and healing. I genuinely hope that as a community we can come together and offer hope and healing to those around us.

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