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Valentines Day-Be Silly and Enjoy Yourselves

Updated: Jul 19, 2023

Silly couple

My first Valentines Day with my husband was a complete disaster. We were engaged, and I decided to really go all out. I went to Walmart and got all sorts of decorations. He owned a small home in a rural town in Missouri, where he was a police officer at the time. He had the day off and I sent him to his Dad’s house about 45 minuets away for the day so that I could decorate and make him homemade lasagna and dessert. I received a phone call from him when he was supposed to be on the way home. He had NO idea what I was doing for him. His father was having a heart attack and he needed me to stop whatever I was doing and meet him at the hospital. I had to take down all the decorations, put the already cooked lasagna in the fridge, and rush to the hospital, where his father had to stay overnight to get a stint the next day. Every year for the next couple years, ON Valentines Day, his father would have a heart attack (no lie). I stopped making plans, we learned our lesson. Then, finally, a few years later, he had triple bi-pass surgery and he has not had a heart attack since, Praise God!

After my daughter got old enough to learn what Valentines Day was, she started to get excited and wanted to plan and do fun things. My husband and I thought…hmmm…this is a jinxed holiday but why not. So for her, we began to do fun things for and with her. I even still had the bin of all the decorations that I had bought that first year that we were engaged. She found them and wanted to use them. We had a lot of fun. Now, every year, we do something even if it is small.

Moral of the story?…It has been almost a year now that our lives have been forever changed with COVID. Just like my Valentines day plans, we have had to make a 180 degree turn. Many relationships have taken a hit. We have had to alter the way we live. We have had to alter the way we interact, the things we do for fun, and how we interact with each other. We have had to alter how we spend money, what we spend money on. We’ve had to alter and change all sorts of things. Some people just let this holiday pass, and you know what, that’s okay. However, if you can, even if you aren’t in a relationship with a significant other, show people who you love and who love you that you care, somehow, some way. Send them a text, a card, or even meet for lunch or dinner. Do a zoom call with your family, or friends. Have a game night and play board games with your kids. Most of all, remember that you are loved. If you feel lonely, know that there is a God who loves you. You are treasured, you are loved. And that is what Valentines Day is about, showing each other that we love one another.

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