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The Tragic True Story Of Sexual Assault

Updated: Jul 13, 2023

love shouldn't hurt back

I have been sick with COVID for the past week and so I’ve been watching different shows while stuck at home. Honestly, I love documentaries, and one of the documentaries that I have been watching was called Audrie & Daisy. It is on Netflix and it came out in 2016. Maybe I am especially triggered because (as you know if you have read any of my past blogs) I have been a victim/survivor and am going through my own stuff, but during this documentary I was so unbelievably triggered by the sheriff in this documentary.

Daisy was a girl who was sexually assaulted in a small Missouri town at 14 years old by a boy who was 17 years old. She was completely unconscious and she was also videoed. There are so many federal charges of assault and rape that should have been brought that there are no words. Unfortunately the ball was dropped in a BIG way. The case garnered national attention because it was handled incorrectly. During the documentary interviews the Sheriff Darren White (now not the Sheriff thankfully) is quoted multiple times blaming her, saying that the boy is the victim, that the assault was blown out of proportion, and should never have been called a rape, that “nothing that night never, ever rose to the level of rape.” He went on to say that the boys are the only ones trying to move on and trying to make something of themselves. That they were the victims.

My blood is boiling watching this so much so that I had to take a break and write this blog. I texted my sister about this documentary and she had already watched it. She asked me if I had looked up the most recent update. I said I hadn’t and when I did I was gutted. I found out that Daisy, like Audrey, had committed suicide due to the devastating effects of PTSD.

It is astounding to me that we still have people in this world that continue to blame people who are victims of sexual assault or rape. It may even be worse than what happened to them initially because when someone doesn’t feel heard or cared about, it is a re-victimization over and over again.

I am disgusted by the fact that this continues to happen over and over and over. If you or someone you know has been effected by sexual assault, we are here. The Parkey Group is here to help. There is real treatment. Our group, or therapists in your area can provide real treatment such as EMDR, CPT, or other evidence based therapeutic interventions to help you get better. Please reach out for help. Suicide is not the answer. Do not let those who are heartless and cold in the world and on social media who don’t speak the truth be the voice that you listen to. Know that there is help, healing, and a light on the other side of the tunnel no matter what happens.

If you would like to call someone anonymously or chat with someone online now contact RAINN, or text or call 988.


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